Sunday, January 23, 2005

To blog, or not to blog?

Unconvinced this is the right technology for this; think I'd rather have something a little more organised and less sequential. Still, this gets me putting fingers to keyboard now, which is what I want. I can always shift it elsewhere later.

A few words of description, in case anyone else stumbles upon this, my little corner of the latest technofad called blogspace: I did not write this for you. You are welcome here, and if anything I write informs or amuses you then I am glad; if it irritates you or drives you to ecstacies of rage well, I hope you enjoy that too but I don't really care. This blog is here for me to record my impressions of books as I read them, so that the sieve I call my brain can give up on holding character names and plotlines and authors names and just desperately try to retain this site's address. The rest is pure uninformed opinion about the books - if you are looking for proper reviews you are lost. Oh, and the books I read are mostly fantasy and science fiction, so if you're not into either one then you are doubly lost.


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