Thursday, January 27, 2005

Harry Dresden series, by Jim Butcher

Light amusement, but kinda thin on the ground.

So theres this guy, right? And hes a wizard? And he admits it, and advertises in the paper, and everything. But noone believes that hes a wizard. And he casts some kick-butt spells right in front of people, blowing holes in walls and such, and he doesnt try to hide it or explain it away, but noone believes him. And yet, while they all think hes a crackpot, they all refuse to meet his eyes because of some deep-seated instinctual fear of wizards that Ive never heard of, that involves them stealing your soul. But they don't believe hes a wizard. Oh, and hes starving and barely paying the rent - because noone really believes hes a wizard - even though he can do real magic and call lightning from storms and such, and hes not trying to hide that. What? Just chuck a fireball on Geraldo and sit back and watch the cash flow in...

Whatever. Easy reading, kinda amusing; don't think too hard about the plots or the setup. Gandalf meets Sam Spade. Would've worked better if he was trying to keep it a secret and just playing private eye; then we'd understand why noone beleives him. I got what I paid for; library books.

Several books later:

Actually, these are getting a lot more compelling as the series moves along. Still pretty fluffy, but the dialogue is funny and the plots fairly interesting and twisted. Once you get past the silliness of the premise as a whole they're pretty well crafted. Worth reading the set, though I doubt I'll remember to watch for new ones.


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